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  • What is Bitrefill?

    Bitrefill lets you top up any prepaid mobile phone using bitcoin. We support prepaid SIM cards from over 600 operators in 150 countries. Using Bitcoin allows us to cut costs, and pass the savings on to you. Full privacy and the top up happens as soon as the transaction clears.

  • How do I use this service?

    Type in your number, pick a package, and then you pay. We have a step-by-step tutorial available here, and also a number of video instructions made by our users, available here.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If an order has failed to be delivered (this unfortunately does happen sometimes due to operator issues), then we refund the BTC paid as soon as you send us an address to refund to. If you haven't received your refill - please email us at, or respond to the receipt email and we will check into it. Note: - if an order has been delivered successfully we are unable to cancel it. So please make sure you're sending to the right number.

  • How fast does customer service reply?

    We usually reply within a few hours, but please allow up to 24 hours. We work as hard as we can on supporting all of our users :)

Mobile operator recharge

  • How quickly do I get the refill?

    As soon as the bitcoin transaction reaches one confirmation (sometimes even faster than that) we will send out the refill automatically. Once it's been sent you'll get a receipt email, and the top up should arrive instantly.

    In most countries this happens instantly, but in some countries there are sometimes delays of up to 24 hours. These delays have happened in Bangladesh, Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, Algeria.

    If you haven't received a refill - you can always reply to the receipt email we send you and our customer service team will investigate the order.

  • My top up didn't arrive - what to do?

    If you received an email from us - just reply to that, and we will have all info needed to investigate your order. Please allow up to 24 hours for us to get back to you.

    Otherwise you can email us at, please provide all useful order info that you have (order ID, phone number, email address) and we will look into it.

  • Does it work if I'm roaming?

    Yes, it doesn't matter which country you are in, the amount will be credited instantly anyway.

  • Does it work with post-paid?

    In most cases it doesn't, only with prepaid. But if you type in your number and it says that it's supported you can try, and if there is an error we will quickly refund your payment.

  • Are there limits on how much I can send?

    There are limits of around 100 USD or equivalent per number per day. Higher than that and you could get transaction errors. If there are transaction errors we quickly refund your bitcoin back to you.


  • How do I get bitcoin?

    There's many different ways. Most people buy it online, and there are many ways to do it with different payment methods in different countries.

    A great starting point is the site How to buy bitcoin worldwide.

  • Which wallets does it work with?

    Bitrefill works with all Bitcoin wallets.

    We don't really recommend any particular wallet, but here is a great resource on how to choose a bitcoin wallet.

  • My Bitcoin transaction is not confirming - what to do?

    Sometimes during high load on the Bitcoin network, and especially with older wallets that don't use proper fee estimations, it can happen that transactions don't confirm for long time. This is an unfortunate consequence of how Bitcoin works. Your money is completely safe during this time - if the transaction hasn't confirmed within 48 hours, the bitcoins will appear in your wallet again, and if it does in deed confirm then your refill will be sent automatically.

    In order to avoid these problems, we recommend that you use up to date wallets. Specifically:

    • If you use wallet we recommend that you upgrade to the "beta" / 2.0 wallet as that wallet has much fewer issues with transactions getting stuck.

    • If you use Coinbase wallet we recommend you use our "pay with Coinbase" button, and transactions will be confirmed instantly.

    • If you use the Xapo wallet - use the integration in

  • Is my bitcoin safe?

    Yes, we can never access your bitcoin beyond the coins that you send us. Your bitcoins are as safe as the wallet you use.

  • Why is there a 15 minute countdown timer on the order?

    Because the Bitcoin price goes up and down, if we give you a price quote in BTC we can only offer that for 15 minutes - after that time the Bitcoin rate might be something different. If your order expired - no worry, just reload the page and you'll get a new order, and new 15 minutes to pay.

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